Starting a New Journey

I’m Ben Walsh, I founded Ironclad Secure in 1998 while I was working on developing e-commerce software solutions for my business and developing skills as a software architect and engineer. Later in 2005 we rebranded as Ironclad Software, Inc. and continued to build cloud-based software solutions and provide consulting and IT support to dozens of businesses along with innovating on our own applications.

Now, two decades later, we’re shifting focus to create an exciting new software suite for the construction industry. Unfortunately, we’re no longer providing consulting and software services to new clients so I can spend more effort on our new venture. Thank you to all the people I’ve been blessed to serve and learn from over the years. We will continue to provide maintenance services and support to all of our current clients.

If you want to learn more about what I’m doing now, head over to ConGenius. Smart software, built for builders.